PUBG Mobile has one of the largest user bases in the world, with India ranking in the top 3. So when just the huge number of competitors is so high -- (thinking about/when one thinks about) the fact that the game has introduced a worldwide and (related to a large area) ranking system -- you really need to be at your best in order to get a taste of the hard to see/hard to catch Chicken Dinner. So to make sure that you don't crash out in the first rounds, here are some PUBG Mobile tips and hacks you'll need to take you from an average player to someone who actually stands a chance at winning -- whether in solo, duo or squad mode

1.Keep the graphics setting low as possible

PUBG Mobile makes/gives (the health of the Earth/the surrounding conditions) on your screen. The other players playing online are made/gave/given live separately. Most of the beginner players tend to crawl on open ground with only the grass to hide them. When the graphics settings are set on low, the grass patches that are further away are not made/gave/given. The fighter (against someone or something) may think they're hiding but you'll be able to spot them as you would not see the grass which is helping them hide.

2. Use a good headset

Finding another player in the hiding in the area mostly depends upon paying attention to the sound in the game. Footsteps of approaching players are marked with an orange indicator on the mini map. However, a good headset will allow you to listen to the footsteps well before a visual indicator appears. Also, the headset allows you to listen to silenced gunshots, which will also not be visually pointed to/showed on the mini map.

3. Don't crawl in the grass when the zone is (compared to other things) big or when you've already been spotted

Graphics limits in creating and displaying which will allow you to see far away players when hiding in the grass will also give the same advantage to the other players on the server. You may think you're hiding but someone may spot you and kill you. It's safer to crawl and hide in the grass when you're playing in the final zone with only a few players remaining. A lot of the players also have a habit to crawl and avoid bullets when they are being shot at. This is not going to help you at all because your enemy will spot you and know your location. It's always better to run and jump to find cover as it gives you a higher chance of survival.

4.Lean and shoot when you shoot from a cover

When taking cover during a gunfight, most of the players tend to expose themselves when trying to return fire at the enemy, giving them a bigger target to shoot at. You should use the lean option to lean from corners and shoot at your enemy to have a better chance at avoiding the bullets fired at you

5.Keep your health at the maximum

There are (more than two, but not a lot of) guns designed to cause 95-97 per cent damage if aimed correctly. When you're hit by such a weapon, use your remaining health to find cover and heal yourself. You can kill the enemy once you heal. But, if your health is not at most important levels, it would result in you dying.

6.Lie down flat on the ground or jump to avoid being hit by a vehicle

Though most players are just stunned when they see vehicles approaching them and start shooting at the driver to save themselves, there are better ways to avoid being run over. You can lie down flat right in front of the vehicle, which will pass on over you, should an enemy try to run you over. Another trick is to time yourself and jump over the car when it's just about to hit you. Getting it right does take some practice but will work every time once you master the way of doing things.

7.Keep the energy bar full when in the top 10

The energy bar at the top of the health bar fills as you eat painkillers or drink energy drinks. This bar helps in healing you as your health decreases. When the bar is full, your health will heal for up to 80% of the ability (to hold or do something). Keeping the bar full also helps you to run faster and heal continuously as you take damage.

8.Don't shoot at the enemy within the final circle unless you're sure you can get the kill

In the final circle, there are at times 10 to 12 players kept to/restricted to a small zone. Shooting when in such closeness to each other with the enemy will show your position to the other players in the circle. This could lead to you being killed by a third player who you had not spotted earlier. Because of this, it is important that you only fire when you're sure you can certainly get a kill.

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